2013 Time to Sample Some Jillian Michaels DVDs

Day 1 starts tomorrow. Finishing  five loads of laundry. Can’t wait to see my chiropractor tomorrow! It’s good to be alive.


30 day shred



I finished the 30 day shred on October 23. I took a two week hiatus  after my knee went out of place.  I haven’t even hit the treadmill out of fear that I might cause too much strain on the knee. Today I am going to hit the treadmill. I plan to do five to seven miles. A friend told me about the benefits of glucosamine, so I have been using it for a few days to help with the knee. So far, it seems to work. My knee has not went out of a place since last week.

Haven’t Been Exercising

I started this blog to document every experience I had with exercise workouts, and I’ve taken a very long break. I should be disappointed but I’m not. I’m still open to doing exercise, but it isn’t my life.  My life is all about me or the people I love…but most of all me on the human realm. Reconnected with a family friend, and I hope we can go bicycling Saturday.

I took up an interesting job, and it has been very rewarding. I’m actually getting exercise (indirectly)  from it and getting paid to socially mingle while walking. The job requires a lot of walking and moving from place to place. I fell into it after taking out friends, newly made friends, and family for free. A lot of people said I should get paid for socializing and taking people out, and I guess they were right. I love the human condition, meeting new people, and exploring new experiences, and this job allows me to have a new experience every day with different people from all walks of life. Most of all, I love the people I work with – very highly educated, street savvy, and so much to learn from them. I’m never bored out of mind.

My friend and I are going on a raw vegan diet Sunday for a week. I’m curious to see the results. We were kind of inspired after going to The Present Moment Cafe in St. Augustine, the first encounter I’ve had with raw vegan cuisine along with my first experience with a wine tasting in a restaurant. I would eat wakame salad and kim chee non-stop for a raw vegan diet all week if I could, but I don’t know any places here that have that stuff.

Running, Pilates, and Walking

Did 10 Minutes of Pilates Abs, ran one mile in 10 minutes, and walked long distance on the beach with a friend at night.  Not the best workout. I do feel like I did a sufficient amount today. Most of workouts consist of walking on the beach. I was happy to see that I could still run a mile in ten minutes.

Denise Austin 3 Week Boot Camp

Rating: 3 and 1/2 Stars
Calorie Burn: 800 Calories
Time: 50 Minutes
Level of Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced
Cardio and Strength Intervals
Athletic Training
Fat Ab Blaster
Denise Austin sounds like Peppermint Patty from Peanuts…if she was “attempting” to speak in a sexy breathy voice. She is a good instructor, yet she was kind of like a “perfect date” with no chemistry. I just couldn’t really like this workout, yet it is a GOOD workout. I loved the starfish ab movement and the ab moves in the DVD. Aside from that, this is a workout I will NOT do on a daily basis.

Banish Fat Boost Metabolism


Banish Fat Boost Metabolism
7 Circuits Designed By The Devil Herself
High Calorie Burner: 681 Calories
Time: 50 Minutes

Level of Difficulty: Advanced

I hate plyometrics with a passion. I opt for beginner moves or alternative plyometric exercises if my knees start aching. I probably burned away breakfast and lunch doing this exercise routine. Not the type of routine a beginner jumps into right away. I’ve done this exercise before, yet I put it away for a few weeks. Today, I felt like I was doing it for the first time. After the first circuit, I was feeling the burn right away. I still had six more circuits to go.

Kickboxing, Core, Plyometrics, Old School Calisthenics, and Intense Cardio Moves

Yoga Meltdown Level 2


Calories Burned:163

Time: 30 Minutes

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate and Advanced

Rating: 4 Stars and a Half

Finished Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown today. It didn’t burn as much calories as Level 1. The moves were a little more complex and required more balance. The most difficult poses I encountered were the Crow and the Leg Extension big toe hold (with repetitions). Both require balance and focus. I managed to do the Crow but I kept falling and losing balance with doing the reps for the Leg Extension Big Toe Hold.


The Leg Extension Big Toe Hold


I’m ending my yoga workouts for this week and moving on to the more intense Banish Fat Boost Metabolism (Cardio) and No More Trouble Zones (Cardio and Body Sculpting) of Jillian Michaels this week.  Not looking foward to it, since I’ve been doing powder puff workouts that burn way less calories.

My Exercise Week (In Haiku)

Two days of yoga

Two more days of cardio

To finish this week.

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