I have been exercising every day from March 25 to May 5 except on the day I was sick and passed out for 16 hours and the day I needed a break from over exercising. I kept myself on a 1,000 to 1,500 calorie diet too. 

The results?
– Overexercised
– Got very sick and weak
– Drank more water
– Got stronger! 
– Started doing advanced moves. 
-Increased my drive and motivation
-Got toned 
-Lost some weight with a little help from the military diet
– Didn’t lose weight from exercising yet exercising helped me from gaining weight
-Housework went to Hell
 I completed thirty days of Ripped in 30! Harder than the 30 Day Shred but it took a month and two days to finish it instead of the regular two months it took me to finish the 30 Day Shred. I would do this exercise program with the 6 Week 6 Pack program ( still in progress). I have 9 more days to complete 42 days program of 6W6P. 

I think I over exercised. I did additional workouts with 6W6P and Ripped in 30: 
– Blogilates (Pilates and Cardio), 
-Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, 
-Kettle bells, 
-Stability Ball, 
 Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, 
Killer Abs, 
Power Circuit Training with Jackie Warner, 
and Strength Training with Terry Simpson.
Now that I have finished Ripped in 30 I have decided to just keep exercising until I finish the damn 6 Weeks 6 Pack.
My future workout goals:
Keep working out on my abs with my only friends ( the husband, Jillian Michaels, Jackie Warner, Cassey Ho, and Tracy Mallet) FYI – they all are fitness instructors and have tight bodies except the hubcap.
Start doing yoga with my new friend Rainbeau to detox and relax
Do the one hour and a half yoga at Flagler Beach
Prep for a 5K
Get the hubcap more fit and working out at least twice a week
Start the Dukan Diet
Be happy fit and toned for July 15

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