Yoga Meltdown Level 2


Calories Burned:163

Time: 30 Minutes

Level of Difficulty: Intermediate and Advanced

Rating: 4 Stars and a Half

Finished Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown today. It didn’t burn as much calories as Level 1. The moves were a little more complex and required more balance. The most difficult poses I encountered were the Crow and the Leg Extension big toe hold (with repetitions). Both require balance and focus. I managed to do the Crow but I kept falling and losing balance with doing the reps for the Leg Extension Big Toe Hold.


The Leg Extension Big Toe Hold


I’m ending my yoga workouts for this week and moving on to the more intense Banish Fat Boost Metabolism (Cardio) and No More Trouble Zones (Cardio and Body Sculpting) of Jillian Michaels this week.  Not looking foward to it, since I’ve been doing powder puff workouts that burn way less calories.

My Exercise Week (In Haiku)

Two days of yoga

Two more days of cardio

To finish this week.

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