Candlelight Yoga

Calorie Burn: 50

Time: 44 Minutes

Rating: 3 Stars…..

Eye closing, de-stressing, and  lots of stretching yoga. People suffering from pain, fibromyalgia, and anxiety have claimed this yoga fitness workout by Sara Ivanhoe has been very beneficial and soothing. Great yoga fitness workout, and it is instantly streamed from Netflix to your television. Candlelight yoga has a bit of detox yoga and  vinyasa yoga thrown in the mix. Not my favorite workout, but it is the most relaxing one. I felt like  I was sleeping and floating during the whole workout.


Relaxing and De-Stressing

Easy to follow

Pleasant Instructor



Not a favorite workout of mine

Low Calorie Burn

The name may suggest a bedtime yoga routine, but these deep stretches and restorative postures are also appropriate in conjunction with a cardio or strength training workout–or as a stress buster at any time of day. Instructor Sara Ivanhoe has a soothing, encouraging manner, but dispenses with the pseudo-spiritualism of some programs (as opposed to the real Eastern philosophy espoused in more serious efforts). She takes the time to explain the essential yogic breathing and each posture is clearly demonstrated–including modifications. After seated stretches, she teaches a series of kneeling cat poses, launches into down dog, and a standing twist. For balance: tree pose, then lunges, forward bends, and a butterfly stretch. This 43-minute practice isn’t particularly advanced or strenuous, so beginners will be fine. Also included is a 16-minute “wake-up” routine, intended specifically for energizing in the morning with a standing cat stretch, pyramid pose and a squat. –Kimberly Heinrichs

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