Day 18 – Medicine Ball Abs Workout and Netflix DVD Fitness Workout: Integrated Strength Training with Jeffrey Scott

 TOTAL CALORIE BURN TODAY FROM 2 Exercise Workouts: 536 Calories

Medicine Ball Ab Workout – 20 -30 Reps for each exercise on YouTube:


Integrated Strength Training

Integrated Strength Training

Those looking for an efficient workout that aims to strengthen the upper and lower body muscles while burning calories and boosting lean muscle tone should feel the burn of this video from trainer Jeffrey Scott. A master trainer from Reebok University and an international fitness presenter, Scott designs routines that feature creative aerobic choreography and a hefty athletic influence. This workout requires hand weights and a floor mat (Source: Netflix)



Great Ab Workout

High Calorie Burn

Advanced Level Do-able

Goes at an easy pace

Includes cardio and toning with strength training

Novel and creative exercise moves

A workout I can see myself doing 10 times a month on a daily basis

Very likeable workout with just enough intensity


Slightly unpleasant but tolerable instructor’s voice

Not long enough


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  1. Andreas
    Jul 20, 2011 @ 16:19:21

    Nice information. Keep up the great work

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  2. 7daysgrace
    Sep 28, 2012 @ 05:39:01

    Thank you!


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