Free Exercise Work Videos And Holly Perkins


Online: – Best site for exercising

Holly Perkins is the nicest and most enjoyable trainer I’ve listened to online at Exercise TV. If you can’t handle Jillian Michaels approach or find it annoying, give Holly a try. Holly is my second choice for an exercise trainer. Holly is easy on the ears and provides  easy instructions. She does the whole workout instead of taking mini breaks like some instructors. Very refreshing. There were times when I gave the evil eye watching Jillian take a break while her girls in the back were sweating . Holly is on my to do exercise list.

Other Information About Holly Perkins:

Holly Perkins holds a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition from Penn State and has been a celebrity trainer for over 14 years. Holly’s workouts come straight from her experience working with athletes and celebrities who include Adrian Grenier, Howard Stern, and a Presidential Candidate. As the official New Balance Fitness Ambassador, Holly will be teaming up with Exercise TV and Susan G Komen for the Cure to provide the original workouts found here. In 2010, Holly will be opening one of the very first LEED certified green gyms located in Los Angeles.

(Source: Exercise TV)

One of her full length workouts:

Exercise On Demand is available on television and showcases full length videos too. I used it to get a preview of Yoga Meltdown. It only shows level 1 though.

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