Day 9 Tuesday – Yoga MeltDown

PROS: New, different, and challenging . A cocktail of yoga on steroids with cardio. High calorie burner.

CONS: Not traditional yoga. Requires focus, balance and patience.

Yoga meltdown is a cocktail of yoga on steroids with cardio thrown in the mix. Not traditional yoga. A yoga hybrid. I love it because it is new, different, and challenging. They say you enhance  your intellect when you encounter new, different, and challenging situations. I must say this exercise DVD was enlightening. I was not familiar with any of the moves except the sun salutations and a ballet move I did as a child (with a surprising cardio twist). Very fluid yet fast and to the point. Jillian Michaels is very honest and motivating in this DVD. She admits that this is not typical yoga and that she is not very flexible. I wish the beginner options were more visible. One girl in the DVD shows advanced moves. Jillian does intermediate. The other girl shows beginner moves. Some of the moves require a lot of balance and focus. Holding my body weight on one leg was the most challenging ( while doing reps fast).

Yoga Meltdown – Level 2 – 30 Minutes

Calories Burned – 273

Knowing that 273 calories is not enough to reach my 700 plus calorie burn a day, I did No More Trouble Zones too.

No More Trouble Zones –  677 calories – About 1 Hour

I did more reps and advance options while doing the complete workout.

TOTAL EXERCISE TIME: 1 Hour 30 Minutes


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  1. Carl Pickren
    Feb 07, 2011 @ 17:49:14

    I dont really know what to state. This site is fantastic. Thats not genuinely quite a substantial statement, nonetheless its all I can put together seeing this. A whole lot to ensure you manufactured me desire to be shown a much bigger concerning this. Your web site is my stepping stone, my close family friend. Thank you with the heads up with this theme.


  2. 7daysgrace
    Sep 28, 2012 @ 05:41:21

    Thank you! I hope to hear from you again! Are you on an exercise and diet regime?


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